Need help with blender Physics

Am new to blender and this

is my first Model.
I have a character who’s wearing a helmet,cotton scarf on his face, armor shoulder pads, knee pads, gloves, and some boots. I would like to know how i can assign the different physics to each part of the characters body so these things behave like they should in real life.
Do i need to separate them into different objects or can i combine them into one mesh which is how i currently have it.


There are multiple problems here. Helmet, Armor pads, and knee pads needs to follow body movement but stay rigid. Gloves boots and scarf on his face need to flex with body behind it. I don’t think they need Physics solution.

Thanks for the response.
OK i understand now but the scarf is not part of the person it only bounces off the body of the person so its physics cannot be the same as the body it rests on. For example if the body is standing still and the wind blows it will react differently. My character also has a huge gun pouch that he carries on his back, this will also react differently when he performs different actions. Therefore the physics for the gun pouch will be different.
So my question should have been if a character has multiple items on him but they all have different physics, then must they be broken up into separate objects then apply physics?

I’m not sure, there may be some vertex group or other technique, but breaking it up is probably the easiest solution