Need help with blender problems

Hi im not sure if this is the right place for this but i need help with fixing a few problems with blender. Im using 2.49b download on a dell inspiron 1545 laptop 32bit with windows 7. My first problem is when i click and bring up any menus a black space an somtimes a picture shows up behind where the menu is and when i move off the menu it stays until i click somewhere else(I have some pics of this in the attachments). My next problem is when in edit mode it wont let me select multiple vertices(like when i press the b key in edit mode nothing happens). My last problem is once in a while the screen turns black if i go over certain things. So far thats all i noticed im sure theres more problems then these. I tryed reinstalling blender many times and even tried older versions to but nothing changed, I also tried updating drives and software an even tried restoring the laptop to factory image, but still nothing changed. Please help an thanks for your time.


Looks like typical graphics card issues. Look on the manufacturers site for updated graphics drivers for win7.


Yeah, it’s probably Windows 7 graphics drivers. Stick with an older OS until vendors have good drivers for Window 7. At least that’s what I’m doing.