Need help with blender script (Rotate and take snapshot)

hey i would really like some help with blender scripting…

im very familiar with programming and c++ / c and python
but i dont really know the layout of blender programming and i would need
a little script to make my models for my game programming

if this is the completely wrong forum for this post then im very sorry
but i would need help todo something like this

start scripting
for windows newest blender

make the camera face at orign 0,0,0 with an isometric angle
then rotate X amount of degress and take a snapshot then save it to a file then continue rotating until 360 degress has been reached

at the end i wants to have for example 12 images take with 30 degress difference that have the isometric angle

if this is somehow impossible or already exists in script format please
redirect me to it otherwize thanks for reading

if it wont work to make sucha a script i assume i need to rotate manually and print for each rotation -_- :frowning:

thanks HunterEx :wink:

This could well be done as a script…
but might it not be worth just animating your camera 360d around an obejct and rendering the 12 frames to files?

To get this kind of rotation youd be best adding an empty and making it the cameras parent, then maving the camera away and rotating the empty with keyframes.


i like it sounds u get the idea of what i wants to be done
but be prepared to give me some more explanations please :slight_smile:
becouse im not familiar with blender functions and structures
all i made was some export scripts

but what u mean by rotating 360 degress and save 12 frames to a file or


There is a script that already exists. Check out the website for what you might be looking for

hahah :smiley: it worked great
ive played alittle with the scripts and it was exactly what i needed
now i can make my 3d models to 2d rendered

thanks alot didnt thought it would gonna go this fast to get a working script
up :smiley:

hunter ex

Hunter I need to do the same , can you provide me your script for my reference