need help with blender.

hello, soorry i didn’t know where to put this…

when i start up blender everything looks fine but then a black box pops up with the words"Compiled with Python version 2.4 ‘import site’ Failed; use -v for traceback Checking for installed python… No installed python Found.
only built in modules are available. some scripts may not run. continuing happily."
so any way it goes to blender and everything looks fine and i scroll my mouse over the toolbar(top and bottom toolbars) and the whole screen gets blurry and tilts to the left and in the middle is a big blurry streak and all the tools seem to work fine but its really annoying.
and i have uninstalled and reinstalled blender quite a few times…

Don’t worry about the Black box its totally normal…also it has to do something with the programming…

Ask about the blurry interface problem in the appropiate support forum (Basics & Interface).

1)The “black box” is the “console”, where error messages and python scripting output goes.

2)If you search the forums you’d find out about the ‘import site failed’.

  1. The messed up / blurry screen sounds like a video card / driver issue. Are you using an ATI card ?

If you are, start with this thread, if that doesn’t help, search the forums for more info on ATI cards / drivers


please use the support forums