Need Help With Bones; Please

Hello Wizards,

I and trying to get these Bones lined up with the mesh but I need a little help.
I have 82 Frames of Animation, but I cannot get Blender to play the frames.
It’s imported from another tool in (Collada) .DAE format.
Here is a screenie of it.

Ok, I found this on adjusting in Edit mode: This might be what I need.
BTW: I am using the Latest and Greatest Blender [blender-2.56a-beta-windows32]

Select one or more bone joints and use any of the standard transformation operations to adjust the position or orientation of any bones in the armature. Note that IK chains cannot have any gaps between their bones and as such moving the end point of a bone will move the start point of its child.
You can select an entire IK chain at once by moving the mouse cursor over a joint in the chain and pressing LKEY. You can also use the boundary select tool (BKEY).

Can someone please explain the Bones inside of the armature, I don’t understand the concept of rigging in Blender just yet.