Need help with cartoon human edge loops

Hello :slight_smile: I have been trying to create a simple character that’s easy to animate, but I can’t seem to get the loops right. I get horrible deformations because I have no clue how to model a moving figure. Could someone please paint over these wire renders, show me a diagram, or point me to a (non-video) tutorial on this? I already know how to place facial loops (I was just lazy on this character), but not for the rest of the body.

I know that this guy’s topology is horrible, but I want to know how to start better next time :wink:

I have tried to find information on this but I couldn’t find anything.

Huh. I can’t see any reason to have terrible deformations with that character. It may be a little narrow at some of the joints, but a well weighted rig should make that mesh pretty easy to animate.

m9105826 is right, you probably have to look into weight painting more.
However if you are looking for some advice to get your topology better for deformation:
i would start at places that stretch the most(extrude and inset knees and elbows), work on the shoulder a bit more and get rid of the tris.

if the animation isn’t working it will be the weight painting because the topology is pretty much sweet.
if you could post pictures of the character with weight paints?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: I’ll post some poses in a little while.

JO5EF, thanks for painting over the wires! That really helped! I completely re-did the feet, and spent quite a while fixing the rest.