Need help with character physics

I’ve made a character with the skin modifier and created an armature. It has a walk cycle it moves by WASD keys. When I move the character off the plane it’s doesn’t fall. It stays in mid air. I have attached the blend file. I don’t understand how collision bounds work and what the radius, form factor and mass actually do. I’d appreciate any help with this :slight_smile:

charater physics.blend (596 KB)

Cornstarch93 - In your blend file the character doesn’t fall down because the armature is a static object,which should be set on no collision, also the character didn’t fall down because what you were moving was only the armature but not the collision cube,so the logic movement bricks should only be put on the collision box while animations logic bricks should be put on the armature.

Here is the fixed Blend.file


thank you so much for responding and helping me ^^ thats helped my immensely!