Need help with chess set: bishop


as a little practice I just want to model a chess set, but I get into trouble with doing the bishop.

This is a reference, I’m not copying it 1:1, but only to get an idea how this should look like.

And here’s what I got so far:

I have used the booleans, which are somewhat ok, but I’d like to be able to bevel the cut a little bit and the edge isn’t as clean as I’d like.
Furthermore the whole mesh was turned into triangles, which gave a poor result when using subsurfaces - I converted all tris into quads automatically and the result I got is the mesh 1.

Since I wasn’t satisfied, I tried to make the cut with the knife tool, deleted all inner vertices and filled the hole with extrude and scaling.
Well, the result is less than perfect, as you see in the mesh 2.

So I’d like to know if there is a blender specific tutorial for doing a chess set, (esp. the bishop) of if anyone has a few hints on the best method for modelling this.

Thanks a lot,


One of these tut’s might be proven useful.


yeah, I have seen this tutorial. Unfortunately it doesn’t solve my problem, which is how to model the cut for the bishop. Or rather what’s the best way to do it, since I am not satisfied with what I did so far.
The problem with both solutions that I tried is that the subsurfed mesh shows ugly artifacts. I guess the reason for those are the triangles that are still left (1.) or some verts sitting too close together (2.).

But anyway thanks for your reply.

— Elubie

  1. You don’t need to use subsurfs, just click the “SetSmooth” button in F9

  2. Model the slot out of an extruded circle first and then extrude the rest of the shape from that (but I suspect that 1) will solve your prob).



thanks for the answer. Not using subsurfs solves the problem, when using a booldean operation (Difference), which is solution 1.
I would like to use subsurfs though, because generally they make a smoother mesh - I tried GreyBeards Tutorial for the pawn and I liked the outcome.

As for the second possibility, I got a good result, when I modelled it with a UVSphere which I cut into two halves, meaning the cut is in the xy-plane.
I will try to extrude the bishop-form out of that tomorrow.

Thanks for your answer.

— Elubie

Here is how I would do it using subsurfs:

Tilt the uvsphere verts in edit mode and delete the verts you dont want to make the slot. In object mode then scale in two axis to make the egg shape. Delete some verts at the top and bottom of the slotted egg shape and add mesh circles with the appropriate number of verts so you can connect with quads.


Hi GreyBeard,

thanks for the tip, that looks good enough for me to try. Only thing that held me away from this was that it could be a bit tricky to join the round cylinders for the neck and the top, but you have managed this nicely, so I 'll probably give it a try.

I loved your video tutorials, keep them coming!

— Elubie