need help with child of constraint

hi i am tryint to animate a magazine gettint out of a pistol, the pistol has a bone child of right hand, magazine bone child of pistol.

i tryed with child of constraint in magazine bone to left hand, so then follow hand, but the problem is, when i move right hand its affect magazine too. and doesnt work well

i tryed use of copy transform constraint and work well aparently, the magazine follow left hand and ignore right hand. but i cant ajust the position of the magazine to fix well the hand.

my last solution was make bone child of root and use of two child of bones an changes influences.
this work very well in animation but the model is for use in game engine and i really need the pistol bone child of right hand so this solution doesnt fix my problem.

please help me with this, i am really frustrated and cant find any solution

you’ll need to animate the Child Of influence so when you switch hands the Child Of for the right hand turns to 0, and the Child Of for the left hands influence turns 1.

thats the solution i found but not work in my case, i need the pistol bone child of hand no by constraint but hierarchy, so when i use the child of constraint to the left hand still influenced by the right hand because of hierarchy, and i need the pistol bone be this way

Can you get rid of the magazine parent relationship to the gun, then just use 2x child-of constraints, one to the gun (instead of the hierarchical relationship) then one to the left hand that switch?

Also I’ve found this add-on
quite helpful sometimes for setting up child-of constraints. Helps with the whole ‘Set inverse’ weirdness as well.

thanks for the answer that solution doesnt work in my case, i need the pistol hierarchical child of hand, because the model its for a video game, and the arm will move in real time so the pistol follow hand, so there is the problem i cant use two child of constraint

I meant: leave the gun parented to the hand, but child-of constrain the clip to the gun, then use a second child-of constraint on the clip to switch it to the left hand. I don’t know the game issues though and maybe you can’t do this.