Need help with cigarette smoke.

How would I go about creating cigarette smoke in blender 2.49.2? I just want some smoke to come out of a lit cigarette. I’ve looked around and I can’t find out how to do it. If anyone could help me that would be awesome. Thanks.

Old but good

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One thing that I have definitely found to be true for this sort of thing is: “the node-based compositor is your very best friend.” Lots of things in nature can be best described as “several overlapping things happening in the same place, at slightly different rates, opacities, light-levels and so forth.” So, the approach that you take is to model each one of these sub-effects, in some suitable way. Then you blend them together, tweaking the settings and so on, until you produce exactly what you want. But how many times did you actually “render” these things? Only once.

If whoever-it-is says, “well, I’d like this to be just a little bit darker|slower|thinner|thicker” … whatever it is … well, you can say: “Okay, let me twist this knob just a little bit and we can play it again. Right now.” Sweet.

why not try 2.5’s smoke sim?

Thanks a lot.

Don’t use 2.5 yet because it glitches a lot with me and I haven’t started to learn how to use it, so I’ll wait a bit

If “a particular simulator” in “a particular version of Blender” turns out to be “the cat’s meow” for your particular requirement … then that, of course, is “a wonderful thing.”

But it also bears remembering that sometimes you are simply looking for a thing that is convincing, while (of course…) being suitably easy (for you) and efficient to produce. Such a compromise is affectionately known as a “cheat,” and sometimes it works great. After all, Dorothy sailed away to “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto,” in what amounted to a gigantic sock…

So, you’re always being faced with the choice between “correct” and “good enough.”

The artistic (and directorial) choice is, as always, entirely yours. And there’s no “cut and dry” decision to be made.