Need help with cloth simulation!

How do I make the collar harder so It maintains the shape? I tweaked the settings myself but couldn’t have the result I want:

Always turns out like this:

Blend. file: ABC - Copy.blend (2.31 MB)


I think there is a bug in cloth stiffness scaling
There is a different behavior from the 2.69 to the 2.7x version

e.g. in version 2.7x the cloth stiffness scaling is ignored

e.g. in version 2.69 the cloth stiffness scaling adjusts the stiffness

Maybe you will need to do something differently, like have the collar a separate piece and pin a series of vertices together

Best of luck


Oh my! Why are there so bugs in blender?? For a beginner like me, it causes a ton of frustration :frowning:
thank you anyway :slight_smile: