Need help with collisions

Hey Everyone,

I’m new to blender, and have started making a game, its a simple lego spiderman game, and I’m working on having him walk up walls, so when theres a collision with a wall I want his walk cycle to rotate 90 degrees and start walking up. I have not figured this out yet though, how easy would this be? any help??


Search here on the forums - others have done wall-climbing before, I think.

if you rotate the player 90 degrees, the ipo should stay in sync.
use python to add rotation till it’s 90* more, so it looks like a smooth turn. if you parent the camera to the player, it should turn with it.
By turning off world gravity, you could make a simple python script that runs once, or twice and searches through all objects, looking for a property called nogravity, if not, it gives those objects a force of 9.8 down their Z axis, if it finds it , it does not add it (for later if you need to turn off gravity) but by using force down everythings Z axis, the object will always be “Pulled” along its Z axis

I asked a very similar question.

I got my answer too.

sure hope this helps.

Thanks for your help everyone,

Unfortunately I have no experience with the blender script:( Is that the only way to do it? or do you now of any good tutorials on scripting?


Not much of a script user myself, since my post I’ve been currently working on a “less script heavy” solution.
But I think it will be quite some time before I can complete it.

Sorry I don’t know of any script tutorials, (otherwise I would be much more adept by now)

just keep looking around, I’m sure you’ll find something.
Blender main ‘problem’ is that there are too many ways to do something (it’s a good thing)