Need help with connecting armature to mesh

I’m sorry to bother you with a stupid question like this, but i can’t seem to remember the correct process of attaching the bone to the mesh to activate the ability to weight paint, as i can’t at the current moment.

If anyone could give me a simple step by step of connecting them, i would really appreciate it.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for helping.:smiley:

to get the ball rolling…

Can’t you just parent the armatrue to the mesh and then go to weight paint mode and define it there?

  1. Select the mesh
  2. Shift+Select the armature
  3. Ctrl + P
  4. Select “Make Parent to Armature” option
  5. Select “Create from Bone Heat” (Recommended)

Happy blendering …

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Hi guys, i’m pretty new to the forum and this is my 1st post! I’m having a problem with this also.

I am trying to rig my eyelids on my face model by using armatures.

The 1st eyelid works fine with the newly painted weights linked to the armature, but when i make a totally new armature for the other eyelid, the mesh disregards the parenting i had done with the previous armature. The dotted line that linked the 1st armature and the mesh dissapeared… it’s like it wipes out the previous parenting i did.

I’ve used the process as stated in the above post for both armatures (left and right upper eyelids).

I’ve searched high and low for a soloution but i’m still getting stuck using multiple armatures and weights on one mesh (my face model). Any ideas how i can kinda ‘lock’ the parenting and weights i did for my 1st armature, so that when i make a new armature for a different part of my face it doesn’t dissapear. Much help would be appreciated, AndyB :O)

Hi AndyBlender1981,

To answer what is happening for you, when you parent the mesh object to the other armature, you change the parent. The mesh object can only be a child of one parent, so it is replaced. The heat weighting/skinning should remain intact though… however

Rigging a character using more than 1 armature/armature modifier is actually fairly tricky and not something I would recommend unless you explicitly know why you are doing it! There is also only one scenario I’ve ever come across where it was even necessary. Most rigging can be done using one armature (sometimes using a second one as a control armature - but it doesn’t deform the mesh!). And if you’re ever using more than 2 armatures, you’re more than likely just making a mess I’m afraid :slight_smile:

Here is a rig I recently created of Suzanne, taking advantage of dual armatures to avoid a dependency cycle. The face controls are a separate armature - they follow along with the deformations of the first armature, but can be manipulated to deform the mesh further. The key is that the two armatures don’t influence the same vertices at all. The concept behind this is actually very complex, and would require quite an indepth explanation which I will save for another time, because I am under the impression this is not what you are trying to do!

Generally, stick with 1 armature for 1 character unless you have a specific reason to use a second armature. If your character is made of multiple meshes, that’s fine, it just means you have to parent each object to the armature individually - but you’re using the same armature!

Aside from using a second armature as a control rig to directly drive the bones in the first armature (which is not common), or using ‘mesh constrained controls’ as presented in the suzanne rig I attached, I am not aware of any other valid reason to ever use more than 1 armature. If you can think of a reason however, please present it in this rigging thread because I would be very interested to hear it! :slight_smile:

If you need further assistance, there are many rigging tutorials in my signature you can check out as well!


thank you very much with support on the matter…it really helps to have people who know what they’re doing that can help you! THanks again, and have a good one.:smiley: