Need help with constraints, NLA, etc.

I’m a blender newbie. Lots of experience programming 3D CAD systems,
but new to this app. I’ve imported a mesh, created an armature, parented the
mesh to the armature, and weight-painted to get a decent-looking deformation
using Auto IK. What I really need at this point is a blender expert that I could
hire for a 1-day intensive training session to fast-forward me throught the learning
process of the Action Editor, Ipo curves, Constraints, NLA, etc. for one
very specific purpose. The type of instruction I am seeking is all technical,
not artistic, i.e. the rendering is not important (gasp!). What I need for this
project is the mesh exported at specific points in the timeline.

Are any of you blender experts out there available for this type of consulting?
If so, please let me know what your hourly charge would be, and your
availability for scheduling this.

Serious inquiries only, please respond to [email protected]

One other detail, the consultant hired for this job will be asked to sign
a non-disclosure agreement, as they will be exposed to some proprietary
material (this project is the the area of human morphology for a medical
application). Under this non-disclosure, you would be able to state on
a resume that you consulted for “xyz company”, but maintain confidentiality
on the details of the process being developed.
Thanks very much!