Need help with CPU/RAM allocation

I’m using an addon (Unfold Transition) and I am trying to apply it on a mesh with 11k faces… When I press Set Up Unfold Blender goes into “Not responding” mode and nothing happens… Then I experimented with some simpler meshes and adding subdivide to see how many faces can it handle. I discovered that when I use it on for example 3000 faces mesh it goes into Not responding for 5-10 secs then it finishes… Which means that it doesnt crash entirely but only until calculation is finished, which is ok. The problem is that when I press Set Up and Blender crashes, I see in my Task Manager that only 15% of CPU and 30% of RAM is used. However, in Resource Monitor, CPU total is on 100% but only 1 CPU Core is 100% at a time (f.e. Core 8 is 100% for 5-6 secs, than drops down and Core 4 spikes to 100%, then Core 5, etc.).
The question is, is there any way of making Blender use CPU cores simutaneously and allocate for example 60% of each core? Or any other way to use CPU more effectively and to reduce those calculation times (not render time) cause doing calculations for meshes with many faces (>10k) takes tooo much time (and I still have to see it finished).


It depends on the algorithm and the way it is running in blender. If it is not multithreaded (either explicitly or vectorized automatically), you can not make it run on different cores simultaneously. I’m guessing here, but I think python based mesh manipulation addons that modify vertices etc through python api can not be multithreaded at all at the moment. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Since I know nothing about coding, I really cant tell if it can or cannot be done, possibly you’re right.
All I know that I cant find any setting in preferences regarding CPU/multithreading (again, I’m not counting Render tab, I have no issues with rendering, it uses all Cores how it should). Its a bit silly that you cant do that since all workstations today work on multiple cores, most of them on 64-bit technology, and you can use one core at the same time when you are doing addon calculations…
For me, it finished calculation but my blender (and most of my computer) was useless for about 25 mins and I have pretty good machine over here :slight_smile: