Need help with creating a texture baked UV image map NOT using nodes ver 2.79b


I need help with creating a baked textured UV map image to wrap a mesh in an inworld game.

I am using Blender 2,79b 2018-03-22 version on a macbook air.

I am not using nodes/cycles so I need help with the old school way to texture bake UV image maps. (I will eventually learn /cyclesnodes but for now, need the BEFORE cycles/nodes method.)

I do not want to generate a UV map that has to be textured in photoshop. Blender should be able to generate a fully textured UV image map.

I have read & watched so many tutorials and I cannot reproduce the results that they achieve despite following the steps. It always borks at the bake stage.

Essentially what I need are stupid simple step by step instructions starting with any specific set-ups that require activating/deactivating anything.

I have a mesh that has modifiers. And I have a seamless texture.

Initially, I have two material faces as noted by the colors. I will change this to a single white material for now and later can tackle step by step for faces.

What are my next steps to create a texture baked UV image map I can save on my computer? Ideally I will need to do this to create diffuse, normal & specular maps, and maybe apply ambient occlusion.

If you can help me get from my naked mesh to a beautiful texture baked UV image maps in easy to follow steps, I will name all of my virtual children, pets, etc., after you.

Thank you.

xoxo pixels

Good to have a screen shot. Could you show what kind of modifiers and textures you have applied to this?

I created a cube.

In edit mode, I applied two materials - one to the cube then a second to the top only.

Edited cube to angle sides, removed bottom face, subdivided top face.

Then used an array modifier to make the grid of cubes.

Then went back into edit to rough it up a bit with the sculpt tool.

Then, to lower poly count, used the decimated modifier.

Then used smart UV unwrap.

The texture I have is a seamless rock texture.

This is where I am stuck.

To make it easier, I before I unwrapped the mesh, I set the mesh to only one material.

In the texture tab I added the texture.

In UV window, I tried to upload texture then another time uploaded a blank texture per another tutorial…

Ackk… It doesn’t work so starting where I have set the entire mesh to one material then unwrapped the mesh, what are the next steps?

Thank you.