Need help with creating holes on the cylinder using array and simple deform

Have nice day everyone.

I try to make gun (Sten) and i need make holes on cylinder as it is on the picture.

Top is same as bottom and right is same as left.

I made it but it suck, i want to usse array and simple deform to have controll of each hole using one hole.

I dont know how to calculate the deegre to match as on on the image.

Can anyone help me if is possible step by step?

Here is the picture and blendfile.

I will be so grateful.

Thanks many times.


just make one hole in a cylinder and add array modifier

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But i need to match up with the foto thats i dont know how to do it.

From left to top and from top to right is same count of faces but from right to bottom is less. Dont know how to calculate.

hard to follow what you mean
can you show in pic !

are there more then one row of holes on cyclinder ?

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add a cylinder, then boolean, if you want good geometry then apply boolean and clean up. Make sure on the cylinder you have sufficient vertices or you will get to many shading problems.