Need help with desktop backgrounds

I am wanting to create desktop backgrounds, for fun and I need some for work as well.

I am wondering how I can start creating nice background effects in Blender that I can lay text over. A friend of mine used Cinema 4D to do this:

How could I do a wavey type background like this in Blender?

I am brand new to Blender so be gentle. :wink:

Here is a simple way to make some backgrounds for text and graphics
But the following will not make the sample image kind of

Delete the default objects. Put the view straight forward and make a
plane. Put few lights to illuminate the plane, make a camera and
point is towards the plane.
Apply maps to the plane, maps to nor and col. Nor and Col buttons
down. Alter and test different maps untill you get an usefull image.

I hope this will work for you