Need help with doors!

(tyko) #1


This is an old piece I found and started up again. It’s a futuristic grungy police interceptor called a “Pitbull”

Not finished modeling by any means but I’m really stuck on the doors. As you can see from the first few pics the door holes are a bit unique. I’ve put some stand in doors on but i don’t like the way they look. Anyone got any ideas for me?

(tyko) #2

Here’s the side with the temp doors in place

(Clockmender) #3

It seems like you are not carrying the contours of the body through to the doors to me. Really I need to see the blend file to be sure of this, but that is my first impression, if that help at all. I guess you may need to rework the areas where the doors meet the body so you have a flow rather than what looks like contours into flat surfaces. Also I think the doors need to be further away from the bottom and top of the vehicle - there doesn’t seem to be enough material to get a rigid body design as it is. Take a look at the typical skirts/roof line on a car this may help get the proportions looking more realistic.

Cheers, Clock.

(tyko) #4

Yes that makes a lot of sense thank you. Might shoot you the blend file when i get home if you like.

(SK0441) #5

The wheel arch in front is not enough bold. Also, let the doors flow along the frame. And if you try to make it a 2 door, it would look better

(tyko) #6

Did a little tonight, not sure if you can tell but I managed to make the wheel rims bigger and scaled up the tires a little like I think SK041 was suggesting. I think i will make it a two door as well.

I’ll tackle the sides tomorrow, it’s really messy adjusting the subsurfed elements…not looking forward to making the sides ‘flow’, im really messy.

(tyko) #7

Re-topologised the body mesh because it was terrible and re-done the doors. Still not 100% happy but a lot better than before.

The idea is that where the cylinder is, the door pushes out and up, like an 80’s lambo :smiley:

(tyko) #8

Got frustrated and redone the main body. Got rid of the legs at the back and made it one body. Made the doors more sleek as a part of the body too.

(Clockmender) #9

Can you post a wireframe, I am still concerned about transitions from wheel arch to door. Looks like a bit of a sudden bend there.

I am a bit ill at the moment (flu) so cannot concentrate for long… I did like the legs on the back end though, shame you lost them.

Cheers, Clock.

(tyko) #10

Hey, lot of flu going around at the moment, get that chicken soup down yer throat :smiley:

I haven’t completely given up on the legs, they just looked weird from certain angles and as this is for an animation scene it was getting annoying. This next step is just testing still, I’m afraid in an attempt to make the poly-count low i may have gone too low. Here’s what I got so far.

(tyko) #11

And here’s a 3/4 shot

(tyko) #12

Playing around with basic textures.