Need Help with Eyelid rigging!

Hi all! I’ve been figuring out Blender for the last year and a half and I’ve ran into a problem that I’m not sure I can easily figure out on my own. I’m making a cartoony character with eyes that are made using sphere meshes. Since the eyes bulge out some, the eyelids can’t just shut straight down. It needs to follow the curve of the eyeball when opening and closing. I tried using partial spheres to cover the eye, and then use a shape key the help with the movement, but since it’s basically morphing from a starting position to the destination, it won’t follow a curved path. All the vertices take a straight path. Thrn when I tried it with a bone instead, it seemed extremely complicated just to set it up and then the use it (especially with no sliders to help like shape keys have).

What am I missing? Blinking shouldn’t be this complicated, so I must be not understanding something. Please help!

I’ve never done this myself, but…

From what I understand, the way to approach this type of eye is to make the eyeball and lids spherical, then use a lattice deformer to shape them into whatever form you desire.

This tutorial is for 2.49, but the principles should be transferable to 2.65 or whatever you’re using.

Or you could use a shape key and avoid the hassle of using bones. That’s what I had to do with my characters.