Need help with female head

Hi blenders

This is my 2. attempt to model a female head / face.

I’ve already separated the eyes from the face-mesh to assign different materials. So far so good. I’d like to do the same to the lips (black lipstick, white skin yadda yadda
:expressionless: ) but it’s quiet difficult to do it this way. How would you guys give the thing a “make-up”? Texturing the face is also far beyond my current skill-level :wink:

Good job
Looks great in front view, but in the side view the face seems too flat. And the “nose wings” (is that the word?) look tiny.

You know you can have several materials on the same mesh right? (check in edit buttons)

  1. pofo


yeah… great job so far…
from the side view it indeed looks a little flat… excactly the same problem i always run into when modelling heads… heh… i am not alone! woohoo! lol
well… i would work on the lips a little… they seem a little “big” in front view…

makeup? hmm… try to uv map the face and render it in yafray… heh
i’ve totally dumped the look of my last head when trying it… lol. but i’ve only had tried it once… and it seems to be a nice method to actually “paint” the makeup…

if u wanna stick with the blender renderer, i would try some vertexpainting… should work pretty good for some soft rouge and lipstick…

keep it coming :smiley:

neck is too far back, lips are too large and defined

  1. suh-mooooooooth


It is a nice stylish female head. Would be a great modern art sculpture.

As for being realistic… well, it is a generally flat face, flat eyes, flat lips, very small ears, thin neck…

keep it up


here’s the new one, played a little with the nose and the lips. The problem with assigning different materials to the mesh is, the thing is a subsurf and i’d like to keep the underlieng mesh as simple as possible. so if I assign another material to the lips, the faces of the simple mesh get drawn, not the subsurf-mesh. In the end I get a 10Poly black lip which doesn’t look that good :wink: