need help with file reconstruction... :(

i have been working on a car FOREVER(my first one) and blender decided to crash on me. i closed it and tried to reload my file but it says that its incomplete! D:< i have no idea how to get it back…:frowning: can anyone help? i would be SOOOO grateful!

this is also something i was working on for a friend/client so its fairly important… D:

Blander makes regular backup of the blend files. there should be a .blend1 file in the same directory, try opening that with blender. Note that the default is to auto save ever 5 minutes so you might have to redo some work. Else try opening the blend files in the “tmp” directory. (Normally C: mp)

If that doesnt work, open a blank scene and hit Shift+F1 then select and import the model and resave.

THANK YOU!!! i completely forgot about the link and append. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! i couldnt find any of the tmp files for it though. im in debt to you guys. thank you!