Need help with final touches on a logo please (i'm volunteering/donating it)

the logo is for The Public Happiness Movement, which is a community that works on fixing societal issues. i’ve been working on this for a long time since i’m new to blender and want it to look good, but i keep hitting roadblocks.

will somebody please take over and do the final touches? mainly i need a good HDRI properly positioned to make the lighting good, and maybe some other lighting effects added to make the ocean look magical/sparkly/bright and the land to look golden.

also talk with me about making other changes you think would improve it please.


blender file:

I had a quick look to your file. I think you realy need to simplify the idea if you want to make a logo.
No need to use complex photorealistic shading, hdri environnements, light effects, etc.
It’s not going to look right on a website/flyers.

Maybe try to “clean” the shapes. Simplfy the world map, the colors, delete these huge 700Mb texture/hdri. Use basic shapes.
Quick example below which crossed my mind

By ; )


thanks for your input! i was thinking of making another version like that

Ummmm… might you be using the wrong tool? Most of the time, logos are created using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), using a tool such as (open source …) Inkscape.

Because an SVG fundamentally consists of drawing commands, which are rendered on-the-fly onto the target canvas, they can be arbitrarily scaled and resized with no loss of resolution. Blender necessarily produces bitmaps.