Need help with Follow Active Quads UV unwrapping on a curved object.

So for practice I’m trying to recreate this patio in Blender.

I created this quick mesh to try to learn how to use the Follow Active Quads option for the outer stone trim of the patio, but Whenever I use Follow Active Quads, distortion occurs on the UV map.

What am I doing wrong? And how can I straighten the UVs using this tool to get no distortion when I apply a seamless pattern?

Follow active quads follows the UV’s of the active face. Make the UV’s of that face square, have it be the active in the selection, and then use follow active quads. Could reset the UV’s of that face so it fills the whole UV area, or square its UV’s manually for it to stay where it is.

Split the continuous parts with seams and do that for each part.

Followed your advice and it worked well. Thank you. There’s still some distortion within the faces even though the uv is perfectly straight, but I’m guessing that’s unavoidable.