Need help with footprints modeling

I have been using blender for about two weeks and for a class project I needed to model Dinosaur footprints. Now I need to improve the footprints and the ground texture and the vegetation for my final presentation.

I am quite good with parametric modelers, but I needed to create textures close to reality for presentation. I rendered these images in Keyshot (I familiar with it). Can someone kindly advise how I would go about making better footprints, dirt particles and better grasses. The footprint of the dinosaur is as close to the Suchimimus as possible. I will be adding who ever helps as credits in presentation.

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a suggestion for your foot print would be to model the bottom portion of the foot. then do a Boolean subtraction in the sand. chk out the Boolean modyfir.
as for the grass and sand, here is the best one I have found to study.
hope this helps

what glass said is a good way to go defiantly quality wise. But if you want to avoid modeling a foot you could give the plain a couples of lvls of subsurf and put in the feet with a sculpt brush. To save time i recommend you do this on a small plane. Then duplicate it to get the other footprints. Really dirty way to do this

Another way to work on it is baking and external editing in a program like GIMP or Photoshop.

Subtle use of semi-transparent layers can add a lot to a simple texture.


Some pebbles on the ground and droplets of water on the grass using a particle system.

Dynamic Painting in blender to add some details to each dino print.

I hope one of these ideas helps.

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