Need Help with "From High Poly To Low Poly " Texturing

Hello everyone.

I’m having problems with textures, not baking, but assigning them properly, If you know what i mean, the thing is that when Im baking textures and then assign the painted ones I get huge problem of visible seams. For example a low poly version of my guns work Ok with normals, but as soon as I assign the actual texture and shaders im getting that problem. So to cut things short here, can you link me to some proper tutorials (written or recorded, doesn’t matter) that basically explains the whole workflow on game models, starting from High poly to low poly porting and then texture assignment, also some tutorials on marking seams for games (maybe that’s the flaw, since im only used to highpoly seaming).

I don’t know if this will matter, but im porting for cryengine 3. . .