Need Help With Game For Christmas

Haha! Joking. I don’t want to make a MMORPG, infact I have already. I just did that to attract people to my topic seeing as I know everyone loves people coming to forums and asking for MMORPG Help. Anywho; I just got Blender today, I’ve been playing around with it for 4-5 hours. And checked out some videos, came to the conclusion of making a racing game. Or a FPS. Whichever is easier. So I decided to start off with a racing game. I made a ground, coloured it Grey, Made 2 buildings, and then realised that it didn’t look anything like a race track… I also made the controls odd I think. I couldn’t navigate around, I could only sidescroll, and go forward and backword, not see behind buildings ect. If that makes any sense.

So here is what I need help with:

Making a GUI consisting of: New Game, Continue, Credits
Fully Navigational Car: Can travel all around the mapping changing the map view as it turns.
Level Warps: When you step onto something you get a congratulatory message and you get warped to another plane.
How to change the Player: At the moment, I am a moving square. I want it to be a Dodge Viper, any ideas lol?
Points system: After certain checkpoints ingame you receive cash, I want it to display your cash on the top of the screen.
Instanced Races: When you drive over a tile you are warped to a race track, win the race you get warped back with more points.

^ That is all I need to complete my game. I’m hoping to finish by Christmas, My MSN is Pugboy_10 at if you want to help me further.

Thanks in advance, Shayden.

Making a GUI: The way to do it in 2.4x is textured planes:

Fully Navigational Car: Give the vehicle wrapper a try:

Changing the player: Just apply the logic to a different object.

Points: I’d use the GameLogic.globalDict to store player information between levels. To display it, use realtime text:

Hopefully that will get you started. :wink:


You’d get better help if the title actually said what the thread was about.