Need help with garage scene mesh problem

I’m working on a garage scene and it is in the earliest stages of development, but there is a mesh problem with some of the wheels I have in it. I’ve encountered it before, and I dont know what it is. :frowning:
The problem looks like black noise on the mesh’s surface.
If you have a solution to the problem, it would be greatly appriciated. :slight_smile:

The link to the pic is at the very bottom of this page:

My site is hosted by tripod so I cant send a direct link to it : :x

hhhmm i see youve copied them 4 times so i think you have to faces hitting eachother mind posting a .blend?

if you enable draw faces and enter edit mode [in wireframe mode] you should be able to see that there are multiple faces there

select them by selecting a vert on them and pressing control+L, or press L with the cursor next to that vert, and delete it

or you can try selecting everything in edit mode, and pressing remove doubles

yea the estended version of mine lol :P.