need help with ge

hey i want my bricks to be displaced by a height map and i do everything right and i looks great but i have to subdivide my plane too many times for it to run smoothly in the game engine, does anybody know a trick or something


post a blend

Unless you’re doing a game about bricks, don’t waste much time/resources with such details!

lol thanks man but i see all these people have those and i really like them im sure theres a way to decimate them without effecting surface appearance

Sounds like you want to look up bump maps and normal maps.

thanks for the suggestion but i need a displacement maps, but to get the plane displaced correctly, i need to subdivide it a million times, which slows down the game engine Dx any other help :slight_smile:

when your subdivide increase the fractural value, by pressing f6 after subdividing. hope that helps

wait, so i subdivide then press f6

You can get a good effect without slowing down the game if you use fewer polys for the displacement and add a normal map for the finer detail. Otherwise, the only way to get a similar effect using only a height map is to subdivide a million times.

yea i guess im gonna have to thanks :), hey totally stupid question that i have never known how to do, how do you apply normal mapping n the game engine, i can do them for renders but no the ge, please help anyone :slight_smile:

hey never mind guys, i found out wat was wrong, turns out you have to set it as a normal map for the ge, thanks for all the help guys :slight_smile:

Here is what you may be looking for:
Brick wall, low-poly, parallax mapped. (much nicer than normal map alone!) Runs blazingly fast.