Need help with GellieO logo

I’m trying to develop a logo for the GellieO laboratory - it has to have a futuristic space-engineering sort of feel to it. I was wondering what people make of these ideas:

no 1:

No 2:

No 3:

No 4:

I like number 4.

number one cause it has the most “g” and internal “o” shapes to it! very nice! i like the feel of it - you achieved your goal! :wink:

Well, I think such logos are beter developed in pure b/w first.
However, I like the second best, because it’s the most clean and visualy strong.

I really like #1. Looks like a chartoon character to me ;).

I like this simple, fluid work! Great job!



Number 4 is pretty good, though I can tell there’s a halo set to star behind that.

thankyou very much to everyone who voted. I found it very difficult to decide so this has been a great help. Looking like No 1 then.

and thanks R2blend, Prince, thorwil, b01c and kansas_15 for your thoughts and comments. Much appreciated :smiley:

On behalf of the GellieO Labs, I can now unveil the new GellieO Logo (with a splash of color)

I see what you mean about the face b01c - if you rotate it 90 degrees. …spooky alien [!]