Need help with geometry nodes

Can I make this with geometry nodes? if yes then please can anyone attach an image of the nodes?


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For a simple start:

If you instance a collection of different sized glass bulbs and vary your input model…

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Indeed you can. Very basic setup below. You create your desired lamp or lamps with shapes, colours, light strength (I went with emmission), etc… You add them in a Collection.

If you instance said Collection in the geometry node editor, the Random factor will work there for the particle instances as well (I just duplicated them, but they will work with geometry nodes).

Pic edited: the map range can easily control the emmission strength randomly in the specified range (To max set to 5 for example, but there might be other methods as well).
The colour, bump, etc… you can also drive into the BSDF, that you can combine later of course.

Have fun :slight_smile: