need help with Global Illumination/faking it

i am making a game that has a lot of dark tunnels and well it looks bad/not realistic
what i would like is to have real Global Illumination (light bouncing) but i would be ok with faking it

what i was thinking for faking it is to bake the lights to textures so that when you turn on a light it adds the texture over everything but the only way i can get that to work atm is to have copys of the rooms with each combination of the lighting and just switching it out

is there some way i can just use the logic bricks to just add/turn on a texture

Why not just have the texure of the objects an an AO map? This way they will be black until a light illuminates them, then you will see the AO map.

so how do i set that up with mutable lights ?

ok i found out a another way i could do this by useing BGE Candy Branch
it has working area lights witch i can use to make a very real fake :stuck_out_tongue: but i need shadows and it dos not have that :frowning:
any one know where i can find a build that has that ?

so the last thing i can do is use spotlights that only defuse then turn off all shadows in the room to that light (so you cant see where the light is) but now i get black lines every where