Need Help with Glowing Parts

Hey this is my first thread so if its not in the proper place, instead of deleting it pls move it where it’s supposed to be.
I have a problem with making laras Gauntlet to glow in blender using radiosity effect, the rpoblem is not with the actual glowing since the object glows perfectly but is with the model itself, when the light hits the body or the face it becomes kinda boxy. Well it looks like this :

I’ve removed all the doubles, Recalculated normals and clicked the smoothing button, no changes. Need help!

Blender Internal render is not really set up well for mesh illumination. In a case like this I have seen artists use a shadeless material for the gauntlet so that it looks like it is a light. Then actually creating a lamp object and parenting it to the gauntlet. The lamp not having any geometry will be invisible at render time. If you want to light something use lamps.

Alternatively you can use the new Cycles render engine which does handle mesh emitters quite well.

or you could use indirect lighting in BL it can do some Emit from objects

but cycles will do a much more realist render !

happy 2.6

Yea but if i’ll use the lamps it wont give me the neon effect on the glove, i need that glowing effect on the whole glove .

it should be able to handle glow also i think

but in any case i don’t see much glow or halo on the gloves anyway !
i do see some emit on part of the gloves!

if you have let say 2 material on the glove then one can emit and the other not may be

but in any case may have same problem in cycles

begin trying to do a small example and see if it works with IL or cycles

then you 'll know if it is ok

happy cycles

Thats because i left the sun turned on to let you see the defects when all the lights are off it glows just check out this:
Yet there still is some light left on the background. Thats the kind of effect that i want to get, im not a pro with blender so if you know any proper tutorial to get the same effect without radiosity pls link it to me. . .

ok but how did you do this one is it with indirect light ?

or with cycles

will continue tomorrow

this pic is taken much far away
try same distance then your first pic