Need help with glowing transparent sci-fi Cycles materials

Basically I am trying to replicate this:

For test purposes it can be a cube or a sphere inside a bigger sphere.
Inside sphere/cube don’t need to be transparent. It can have absorbent
material maybe, just to look nicer, or just regular glowing material (as
if it’s a solid object) with soft halo (just around object without
spreading outside too much).

The outer sphere needs to be almost transparent in the center and get more
opaque to the edges (kinda like Fresnel effect) and it needs soft halo
around it. Inside (maybe have another sphere) it should have that
plasma-like effect (those wavy/noisy/wiggly thin lines on the reference

All elements need to glow (to various degree).

I’d like to render it over a floor with reflective material to have blurry
reflection. And if possible, it should be rendering with alpha so I could
superimpose sphere with its reflection over background in GIMP.

Is it something someone can help me with ? (I totally don’t get Cycle’s materials, and it was sooo much easier for me to set this up in-game than in Blender :confused: )


soft halo need composite nodes!

just add a transp or glass mat and mix with an emission!
then whatever else like fresnel or add some texture if needed !

start something and show nodes set up !

if need all edges then you can export UV map and use it to light up all edges


That’s what I did, Ricky, and it didn’t work for me. That’s why I am here :wink: Your example looks not even close to the reference, sorry :confused:

There wont be any “glowing stuff” in Cycles unless you bring image in Compositor and do some blur/glare/glow. Or use volumetrics where you have limited control and long render times.
See, maybe some of these blenderdiplom’s tutorials could help

How about this:

@moony: That’s what I am talking about! Thanks :slight_smile: