Need Help With GLSL Materials


The only problems that I am currently having with Blender have to do with applying materials that work with the game engine.

I can model something in five minutes, only to find myself wrestling for hours with the convoluted process of setting up a material that looks like water.

Does anyone know how to control the specular and diffuse settings from within the GLSL shader.



In GLSL mode you’d just set your specular and diffuse shading as you would for a render, and you need to be in textured view.


But if you’re using a GLSL shader in a Python script - that is tied in to the game logic, then this shader effectively takes over complete control of all the material settings.

So, any value you assign to specularity or diffuse in the materials panel is ignored.

If you don’t set the specularity and diffuse in the fragment shader, it won’t be reproduced in the game.