Need help with house

Hello, I´d like to create modular house assets for my game, can you advice me on what dimensions those assets should have? for example wall, floor? (x=?, y=?, z=?), it would be really helpful, thank you

Do you mean what size should a house be? I am not sure If I understood well.

If you mean to achieve a house size? maybe check for blueprints/technical drawings in google?

i mean to create a house from some parts like modular dungeons (low poly style), but i got some problems in dimensions

something like this, but in low poly… so i don´t have to spend a lot of time to make houses

But, what do you mean having problem with dimensions?

hello, i´m heving some problems to use dimensions for wall like how tall it should be etc… like 2x2m or 3x3m?

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Search for “house blueprint” on google.

Ok got it. I guess @BigBlend suggestion is on the right track since there is no standard dimensions for a wall…You will find standard dimensions for doors for example, or the height of a table lets say.

You can google house blueprints and then you will have the specific dimension of certain type of house.
You can also find in youtube archviz tutorials or even use blender swap and get an actual archviz file you could use as a reference. Blender guru…has archviz tutorials. You can watch the interior archviz in eevee.