need help with image

Hello guys! how can I map this image in the center visible on this circle :mad:
I’ve fix the XYZ under map input but the only thing I get is a big eye
help please – Thanks

Here is the file in case

well just right click the link and that should do it.


or where exactly can I do this!

Hey PG1,
Your download link requires a username and password.

Yeah! :smiley: I mess up on that but just rigth click on the link and click on save link as, and you can save it that way! :rolleyes: I will try to fix it!

Doesn’t save with right click. Keep trying. :slight_smile:

Is the image not in the center of the object now? I don’t think I understand what you are trying to do.

Ok let me star over, this is the image I’m playing with:

What I’m trying to do is map this image to a circular 3d crest object,
and this is what I get when I render it:

I tryed to play around with the map imput settings - but dont know if there
is any other settings I have to change.
Let me check if the working file works now:

Here is the file one more time, the link works with mozilla for me and it should work with explorer as well

In this simple case you could treat the image like a decal by mapping to another object (just one way to do it):
Create an Empty and center it on your crest object.
Select the crest and load your image texture.
In the Map Input tab click Object and type Empty in the field next to it.
Change the mapping back to default XYZ.
Render. Adjust the position, size, and rotation of the Empty until the image fits.

K, 2 problems here. First you need to select all and Cntrl+N to recalc your normals, all of them are inside.

Second, you need to set the Map Input axis’s to Z Y X top to bottom for the eye texture.

That should do it. That’s also a pretty intense model, you could have gotten away with half as many faces I think. No biggie though.

Edit: I also noticed on your 2nd pic above that there’s a sky blue tint to your model on that front face. I noticed this too and it was only in a CVS build that it did this. Weird. Please let me know if this was intentional on your part, and if so, how you did it. I could not figure it out and am thinking it’s a bug with the cvs build I have.

Enzo beat me to it.

I will add that there was a hole in the front center of the model, and a mess of faces around it, with so many faces on this model, was hard to figure out that center.

I made a quick likeness of the model, and UV mapped the decal to the center, maybe you can use it:

Upsss! one more down

Ok muchachos sorry that I took so long to get back but I was trying to
figure this out, because I dont get it - why if I create a profile then I spin it, it comes out with a lot of faces, because I think if a set Ctrl+N should fix the face mess also if I delete duplicates should get rid off the xtra stuf around: here is my profile

now if I just make something like a circle and then I extrude it and make borders and bla! bla! bla! then I get my perfect crest with my image:


Hey Hazard / Enzoblue can you xplain this to me why when I use the profile with the spin command the image comes out all mess up even if I recalc the normal out…

…and Hazard thanx for the file but I was curius why I couldnt do this with this method witch is very simple insted of using the UV map.
Enzo the sky blue you have notice on my example is the default sky blue that comes with blender:

and thanx a lot for your help!

You will want to make sure you are spinning exactly around the innermost verts of your shape, if you are off by just a little, that could explain the little hole in your first one.

If you have any overlap of the shape across the center of your spin, you will have overlapping faces that will create a mess.

It’s also my guess that you used 360 as the number of steps, you only need 360 degrees of spin, 36 steps plus set smooth should be just fine for what you are doing.