Need help with lattice!

So, I’m trying to create one of those simple wii logo animations (click here for an actuall one.) Right now I’m trying to put a lattice around the i and it’s dot (do I need a individual lattice for each one?) and have the top vertices of the lattice rotate clockwise (from the top view.) I’m a noobie so I’ll need as much help as I can get. pictures are attached of the two different keyframes.


From what I remember of the other thread it seems to be doing what you wanted, no?

If you want to know how to keyframe the Lattice for animation you need RVK’s:

near the bottom are RVK parts 1 to 3.


I’m on part 1 and when I press ikey for keyframe and then mesh a window that says insert vertex keys doesn’t pop up. I’m in object mode when I do it and I don’t see anything wrong. What should I do?

That used to apply to Meshes only but, since then, RVK’s for Mesh has been replaced by Shapes (F9 buttons, Shape tab). For Lattices, hit I-Key and choose ‘Lattice’ at the bottom and then, in F9, Lattice tab, you can choose Relative or Absolute.