Need Help With Light Rays In Cycles

The attached pic reflects four rectangles that represent a part of the logo for my church. I would like to project rays (a.k.a. God rays) coming from the middle of the rectangles which, in my vision, would create a “projected” cross from light beams or rays.

Could someone please advise me the best way to go about accomplishing this? I’ve tried by creating a cross as a plane, and using it as an emitter, but that doesn’t produce rays. I’ve “filled in” the top/sides/bottom of the rectangles, creating a “hollow cross”, and applied a spot behind, but I get lost there.

Any help would be appreciated…even guide me to a tutorial that would cover this. I’ve looked at several, but they either weren’t using cycles, or it wasn’t the effect I was looking for.

Thanks for any help!!

First, what kind of a subject is “newbie needing help”? Using appropriate subjects will get you more answers.

You can not always find a tutorial that does exactly what you are trying to do. Sometimes you might need to combine tutorial knowledge. For your issue, take a look at the cycles volumetric tutorials, then combine that knowledge with the blender render examples. Or, create the god light in blender render and composite the cycles render and blender render together.

Any kind of drawing explaining what goes where would help too btw, you know … one is better than 1000 words. Some isometric cubes doesn’t help much. Render b/w planes, triangles of proposed composition and paint over in Gimp colors, some arrows - “this is that thing which does this”.
You could put this even in Volunteer’s part of forum.
Other than that - use several Spotlights if that’s blender render engine, not cycles.
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