Need help with linux

I have been using windows all my life and now would like to try out linux, and move into using more open source software…

However, I have read around that it is very hard to get some of the hardware working on linux because many manufacturers dont support linux by not releasing drivers for it.

So, before actually installing linux on my cheap laptop (toshiba satellite pro c660, intel i3 m380, 4bg ram) I would like to somehow check my hardware compatibility with linux. Does anyone know any websites where I could do it?
I just want to make sure that I will be able to get stuff like wifi and microphone (I use skype alot) working.

You could try running linux from a livecd to check what does/doesn’t work without a permanent linux install.

Thanks for info mate.
Ok, will download live cd and try, just one more question…

Which linux is easy to use for someone coming from win7? From my own research just now I found Ubuntu 64bit, Mint 64bit, fedora 64bit,
and opensuse 64bit. Which?

Hi Andrius.B, opensuse of course :slight_smile: but I use it for years.
Fedora, debian and gentoo are for experienced linux user, ubuntu and opensuse are more easy for windows user.
I used suse/opensuse before ubuntu was even there but have try it from time to time but ever go back to suse.
The hardware is not a problem if you use a little bit older hardware, you get problems with brand new or no name hardware.
Try ubuntu and opensuse and use what you like.

Cheers, mib.

thanks for your reply.
Downloading both iso now. Once tested, will let you know if it worked with my hardware and which one i liked more.

Just booted from ubuntu livecd and it works just fine.