Need help with making this watch curved

Hey, so I posted about this in the help section and people there gave some very helpful suggestions but I was unable to get it to work. I was wondering if anyone could help make the straight straps of the watch curved, into a circle?

Here’s the blend file.

In layer 1 is the watch, layer 2 has my failed attempt at curving it.

I’d be super grateful if someone could show me how it’s done!

one of the problems you have is you need to apply all of your arrays. then make separate objects of each link. then you need to build an armature of one bone to each link. parent each link to each corresponding bone. then you will be able to move the band to any position you want. need more help, let me know

glassdog is right, you’ll need to apply the mirror modifiers first then the array modifiers then join the resulting objects, probably keep the straps separate from the watch face - then you can probably get away with using curve modifiers to bend the straps into place.