Need help with masking for school video project

I would like some assistance in masking a live-action scene for a school video project! (Non-film class, so no worries!)
I need masks done for quite a few shots so that I can add in some effects (filled with fluid and dynamic paint fun!).

The specific task? Mask out people and objects blocking the ground, and keep either the lightsaber or the gun. (The lightsaber will be replaced with a sword, and the ground will have blood on top.) People/objects should be black, everything else (including weapons) should be white.

Source footage is HD 1080p (1920x1080), 29.97 fps.
You may either send me the black and white result (in PNG image files), or the BLEND file with the finished mask.

Preferred deadline is this Wednesday (5/8/2013) at 8:00 PM EST/EDT. (Probably EDT, since it’s the United States…)
ABSOLUTE deadline is this Thursday (5/9/2013) at 5:00 PM EST/EDT.

Shot 1: [00:00:19 ~= 570-600 frames]
Shot 2: [00:00:05 ~= 150-180 frames]
Shot 3: [00:00:06 ~= 180-210 frames]
Shot 4: [00:00:04 ~= 120-150 frames]
Shot 5: [00:00:01 ~= 30-60 frames]
Shot 6: [00:00:03 ~= 90-120 frames]
Shot 7: [00:00:07 ~= 210-240 frames]
Shot 8: [00:00:03 ~= 90-120 frames]
Shot 9: [00:00:12 ~= 360-390 frames]
Shot 10: [00:00:06 ~= 180-210 frames]
Shot 11: [00:00:15 ~= 450-480 frames]

Let me know which shot(s) you will be able to work on. You will be credited accordingly! :smiley:
(Crediting: Please send me your real name and location. If you absolutely cannot use your real name, at least give me a location or approximate location!)

wow, to be honest i do not know much about masking, but what i imagine is that it would take a rather large amount of time and effort to do all those shots expeccially in the given time frame. i also think this kind of thing is not every blenderheads speciallity.
i am just telling you this, so you get why there are no takers. however i hope you will manage to find someone :slight_smile: