Need Help with Material Settings for Glass and Orange Juice

Using Cycles, I am trying to create the look of the Glass and Orange Juice in image #1 but I am not having much success as you can see in image #2. :frowning:

I have used a white backdrop and a very light blue sky as the background.
I am having problems getting the glass and juice materials to look right.

Any major problems or tips that stand out? I am not getting good reflections in the glass and the juice is a transparent material but looks awful. Any help is appreciated.

I have used curves to create the glass. Not sure if I have to “apply” the curves, but when I try and “Apply” the curves I get a message saying:

“Cannot Apply Constructive Modifiers on Curve”.

Anyone know what this means?

I’m not 100% on creating liquids with Cycles yet, esp in a glass. But I’d suggest that you should create an L-shaped studio plane to give something to the reflections - also avoid area lights and stick to mesh emitters-the mesh emitters also help give you something to reflect. If you’ve got a HDR image, that will help a great deal too.

I could be wrong, but maybe the glass material mixed with something would be good for liquid as it has IOR. :wink:

Is there a falloff node. Or maybe a fresnel node.

Thanks Jay, actually the image has all of the suggestions you mentioned already. There is an “L” shaped backdrop, and I have used planes as the light emission instead of lights. I also have an HDRI image I am using for the background. So I am unsure why it is looking so bad still. Wil have to play with it som e more, but if anyone has some other suggestions on how to fix this that would be great. :slight_smile:

Thanks, yes I have a fresnel node on the liquid but I must have set it up wrong because it looks so bad. :slight_smile: My image above shows the “Fresnel” node setup.

There’s an example on Blendswap of a wine glass with red wine in it, it uses glass for the liquid with an IOR 1.3 I think, looks reasonable for a start :wink:

The image/render you posted looks very washed out and flat, that’s why I thought the scene was missing an environment.

Thanks. Yes I am working on making it better as we speak. Hopefully I will have a better image to post soon. :slight_smile:

Getting closer. 1000 passes. I would like to know how to get the SSS or glow at the top of the juice though. Not sure if it’s my light setup or the material that need changing. Any ideas?

It’s how the lighting is done in the photo. It’s brighter at the top to wash out the back of the image into pure white eventhough this isn’t a totally isolated on white image.

Did you want your glass to have faces on it or is that just the light you set up?

Thanks. I just want the top of the juice to look like the photo. Where would you add the light and what type of light would you recommend? The light area on the front of the glass is not a polygon but the reflection from my Emission plane. The glass is high poly. :wink:

I would try to add the light more to the top and at a slight angle aiming towards the back of the glass though it could be a more fiddly than that to get it just right.

Gotcha it only looks like a polygon because of the light.