Need help with materials for a simple scene

Hi guys, I am writing to get some advice,
I have done a scene, the light was good, but I thought that a more dark atmosphere would have suited better, so I tried to give a darker ambient ligt ensemble, but need some help with those lights and I am afraid with materials too, any suggestion is well appreciated!
(e.g. Metal more metallic, bumps better done and so on)
Here the screens -the first one is rendered at 720 samples, the second it’s to have an idea at 120 samples-.
At least once I would reach a satisfying result.
Thanks in advance


show nodes set up for some of these mat

looks all diffuse to me !

happy cl

From what I can see, there’s nothing behind the camera except the default cycles grey background… Most of the reflective materials are showing this grey color…
Try adding a texture to the background, or create some simple scene behind the camera, so that the glossy’s have something to reflect.

a bit of dirt here and there, rust , dust, rubber stains, would make it even better.

final touch, some dust balls near corners, behind the door, under the table… not so much, just an uncarefull cleaning job… (there’s a strike, afterall!!) :slight_smile:

Nice scene, by the way!! :wink: