Need help with mesh topology/modelling

Hi, I’m fairly new at blender considering I’ve not had much time to work with it. I’m trying to nail down some realism with my meshes, and I’ve about decided that it’s not from lack of trying, but from lack of knowledge that I suffer - specifically when it comes to modelling and getting a realistic mesh topology.

I’m going to attach some thumbnails of a hand I did in about 45 minutes worth of modelling…for me it’s good, but it lacks that touch of realism, not from texture, but from the model itself. I’m hoping that some of the more experienced modellers can tell me what I’m doing wrong and point me in a direction so that I can ‘fix’ whatever it is that I’m screwing up on. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks,


Top view, back of hand, solid:

Bottom view, palm of hand, solid:

Side view of hand, solid:

Top view, back of hand, Wire mesh:

Hi Taladan! Not bad being ambitious but I know I spend hours, sometimes days trying to models some things. Slowly getting faster but if you want something to look better than okay, you need patience or acquired skill. Have found that looking at other models has taught me a lot. Have a look here they have a zip. file of a .blender hand. By the way, compliments for trying fingernails! I certainly haven’t got that far…yet :wink: