Need Help with Mirrors

After a great deal of googling, forum searching, and experimentation I cannot figure out how to make a mirror reflect properly.

In Blender I made a simple test case with a small plane and a mirror normal to it. The following picture shows the model and a render.

The reflection is correct however there is not a bright spot on the plane caused by the light from the source reflecting off the mirror onto the plane. The only way I’ve gotten that is to use Indigo to render the scene but I still have questions about how it renders so I am leary to trust it.

Indigo render of a similar scene:

How can I get the light to reflect off the mirror onto the surface? Any help is appreciated.

Don’t use the internal renderer. It just does not do global illumination.

Is there any way to get Yafray to do it? I have it installed as well but have been unsuccessful with it as well. I’m open to other renderers as well.

For yafray you have to use a photon spot. Check out yafray tutorials.