Need help with modeling.

I modeled this low poly M9 bayonet but I’ve been having troubles with texturing it correctly . I’m aiming for something of this sort I’ve been going at it for days but nothing seems to look right. From procedurals to image texture to Substance painter. If anyone can point me to a tutorial or a method to accomplish my goal it would be great. In my case I can’t get the specular maps looking good, reflections are always dull and I’d like to do the etched letters via normal maps instead of modeling. Any sort of help is appreciated.

“How to texture it at all” is fairly broad, but I’ll see what I can do:

First of all, have you UV unwrapped it? That would help a lot.

Also, if you think you’re doing everything right but it still doesn’t look how you want it to, it could be that the lighting doesn’t show it to its advantage. Try setting up an HDR environment map. Metals generally don’t look right without them.

To get that metal look, just google “cycles metal” to find a wealth of tutorials for creating the shader you want.

For etching into the normals, there is a straightforward way. Create a texture that has the text where you want it on the model. It can be a simple black text on white background texture. With cycles, create a texture input node for that texture, add a color ramp node to control the strength (depth) of the etching, and then use that as the input to a bump map node, which then outputs to the shader’s normal.

Looking at the screenshot of what you want, I’d say that for both the blade and handle, use a mix of glossy and diffuse. For the blade diffuse color, use something like a concrete texture. The mix factor with the glossy would be controlled by a blend of a scratch map, cavity map (pointiness), fresnel, and that same concrete texture.
The handle has a texture for the knurling that would feed into the bump map. Diffuse color is some splotchy noise (like a photo of snow). Glossy factor would be just the fresnel.

If you want this for a game, that’s fine: You can create the cycles shaders and bake out the diffuse color, normal map, and use somethign like the glossy mix factor for the specular map.