need help with my butterfly

hi all, ok so ive been working on a short movie and now have most of the models, scenes set up. and now im trying to animate. i have a simple butterfly which flaps its wings, that was simple enough.
but now how on earth do i move the thing. i bassicly want it to fly from the bottom to the top of the screen, but moving around left and right as it does.
ive already tried moving the main body armature by using keyframes (pressing i and choosing loc.rot) but when i click alt a to play the butterfly stays in the same position (centre) and flaps its wings.
any ideas?

I think you need the wings and body to be seperate objects . Cause it will just go where the wings are . and parent the wings to the body ( control p ) so they can flap and move. They have already been told to be at the first loc . Then what is cool to do is have it follow a curve path. Just add a curve Select the butterfly Then the curve, click Control P ( oops Thats 2.49 don’t know about 2.5 ) follow path.

ill try that, thanks. but to put it simple i need to make my armature move around the screen while playing a current animation. for example say i made a human character animated and rigged with a walk path, how would i then make the object use the walk animation while moving around. to look like he is moving around.

use the NLA editor. That lets you put actions in any sequence you want. You can play that back & your armatures play that sequence.