Need help with my character head

I’m still a noob using Blender. Is there a way to make the head a bit more round using a tool or do I need to grab each vertices myself?

Thanks for all the support,


You can select vertices and use W / Smooth (do this multiple times or just increase the iterations in the smooth settings - F6). To edit your mesh you can use proportional editing (keyboard letter O)

ok I’ll give that a shot.

Other good technique people use is to create a separate sphere. Scale it to form round scull form about the same size as the head. Place this guide form under your model and use it to locate vertexes.

There’s also the ‘to Sphere’ option. Though it’s often not what you want, it can provide a good starting point. The hotkey for this is Ctrl+Shift+S.
Also, if you want to try out Ridix’ approach, I suggest looking up some info on the retopo tool. Good luck!

Thanks guys. I’ll try those too.