Need help with my game

I´ve made this character but I want make a camera to be behind the player and be able to rotate it pretty much like the GTA:SA preferly without using python and is there any pages to learn python because I´ve bought a Xbox360 controller/Joypad and are planing to program my game for a Xbox360 controller and the fighting system is like Devil May Cry 3 with some ideas and the driving system is like GtaSA and are planning make the player be able to hold on to a car or jetplan kinda like the Shadow of the Coluseus and want to be able to shot a grapple so you can climb house and to be able to shot the grapple the to the ground and use it as a bungie jump or shot at a fiend and pull him in and finish him with dependeing on the weapon you like the sword or punch or any other weapon you like well anyway you see why I need to learn python I got the whole game engine planned and I have to learn python to some of this possible so any kinda help would be appriciated

Thanks in Advance

Arggh use fullstops! :smiley: Its really hard to read your posts otherwise.
You’re also asking a lot of things there. To answer your first question about the camera though, you can achieve this without python.

You first need an empty postioned at the centre of your character, this will be vertex parented to the character mesh.

Parent the camera to the empty and position it at the distance you want.

Use keyboard sensors with DRot motion to get the camera to rotate left and right. This will get the general affect, as for the other bits i’ll leave to the more knowlegable members of this forum.

As a general note its best to start simple.